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The German - Dutch Football Rivalry

Withstanding time encompassing decades, the German and Dutch Football Rivalry still gleams strongly as ever. It is only one of a few rivalries in football which stands at a national level that are still present until today. It started back in the FIFA World Cup 1974, for the gambling trip to visit when West Germany defeated the Netherlands at the finals, thus the rivalry was born and is now one of the best-renowned rivalries in football throughout the world.

Also, the two countries belong to the mightiest and strongest nations in football with outstanding winning history - West Germany has garnered 17 victories while the Netherlands earned 16 victories as well as 16 draws.

In the eyes of the Dutch, the rivalry started and was based back on the World War II when their country was occupied by the Germans and resulted to countless deaths of their people as well as the devastation of their whole country.

When the Dutch and Germany finally met and were faced in a match through football during the FIFA World Cup 1974, you will feel the tension especially from the Dutch. Their defeat gave a national trauma which was referred to as 'the mother of all defeats' or 'De moeder aller nederlagen' in their native language.

It was not until the year 1988 when the Dutch finally defeated the Germans and became the European Champions which was held back at their home country, that the Dutch felt relieved after their bitter lost on 1974. There were other instances and games where they have faced each other and Dutch was successful in defeating the Germans. As time passed by, the sentiment of the Dutch regarding the World War II occupation of the Germans finally decreased along with the aggression between the matches of the two. The Germans have also acknowledged visit museum the rivalry and still continues until today.

After the 1988 match between the Germans and Dutch, there were many more games that followed it with wins alternating from Dutch and German that ablaze the rivalry even more. Overall, the total matches between the two countries and their winning history were balanced during the decades that have passed. Also, not all the games were during world cups as both the countries also faced each other during friendly matches which showed their skills in football.

The Rivalry aside, both the countries - Germany and Netherlands, are in no doubt, one of the best football teams in the game and you will surely enjoy and be fired up as you watch their matches.