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Visiting The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam

If you are fond of looking at paintings and other works of art of renowned artists and if you're coincidentally at Amsterdam is part of the gambling trip or if you ever find yourself wanting to go there, then the Van Gogh Museum is definitely something to add to your list of destinations. Just as the name of the museum suggests, it contains the largest and widest collection of paintings and other works of art made by the world-renowned artist, Vincent Van Gogh, born on 1853 to 1890. The said collection contains Letters, Drawings, Paintings, and other arts he has made of his contemporaries.

The Van Gogh Museum accumulates millions of visitor each year, reaching a total number of 1.6 million or more which contributed and lead it to being part of the most renowned and popular museums all throughout the world, where only 25 are included. After a whole seven month overhaul and renovation of the museum, it has finally been opened once again to the public. and also visit the Amsterdam Markets.

Also, the museum highlights 500 drawing and paintings of Van Gogh and other artists. His contemporaries which include Postimpressionists and Impressionists are also featured in the museum. Also his art works are organized in a chronological manner and divided into five different periods showing different parts of his life and works as well. These five periods includes the Netherlands, Arles, Paris, Auver-sur-Oise and Saint-Remy.

Even if you are not fond of Van Gogh or you simply don't know him, this museum is still definitely a must see, also because of its wide and compelling structure that will surely give you a soothing and relaxing experience topped with viewing Van Gogh's Artworks. The museum also has free wireless internet which you may enjoy. Admire and see the life of Van Gogh through his artworks in this museum.