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Managing Money at Video Poker -

Contrary to what some people may tell you, there are very few games you can play in an online casino where your level of skill can conceivably make an appreciable difference. All games governed by a random number generator (RNG) are necessarily created equal. Sometimes there is an element of strategy involved. One of those games, surely, is blackjack, where card counting itself may not be feasible in the online game, but Basic Strategy most certainly is.

Another game where a player can make strategy decisions that can make a difference in terms of the chances to win or lose is video poker and Online Poker , which is played not against other players, bit against the house. Because there are different situations presented on every hand, and options present for the player, there are going to be decisions that are wiser than others, and will pave the way more readily to jackpots.

Along with playing decisionsgambling trip is the absolute necessity to bet wisely, and here is where it has the potential to get tricky. Let's get one thing out of the way from the beginning, which is that whatever betting strategy one uses, it should not be a case where you are wagering out of proportion with your bankroll. If you really want to be efficient, you will employ something called the "Kelly Criterion," whereby your maximum bet will be no more than 2.5% (one-fortieth) of your total bankroll. What this will do is provide for profit, while at the same time greatly reduce the element of ruin.

There are indeed experts on video poker and casino poker, and that makes sense, because what it comes down to is a game of five-card draw, and a lot of people are familiar with that. What many of these experts advise people to do is to play the maximum bet possible at all times. Playing five coins will allow for the maximum payouts, for example, and these are proportionately much greater than for any other coin level. And they also make it possible for a much bigger payout on the most important winning combination of all, which is a Royal Flush. In fact, you will hear many video poker pros tell you that your principal purpose for playing the game in the first place is to hit Royal Flushes, which do indeed come in at a certain rate.

It is quite likely that the best Canadian online casino at which to play video poker is Jackpot City, a beautiful site that gives players a great signup bonus on their initial deposit and then proceeds to dazzle them with an array of games from Microgaming, which is the world's leading provider of online casino software.

Part of the Microgaming top games arsenal is an extensive selection of video poker games, which includes just about every variation imaginable, on most of which Canadians can play up to a hundred hands at once. And here's the really interesting part - if you don't really know much about poker strategy but want to play anyway, you can take advantage of an option called "AutoHold" which will plays your hands for you with a mathematically sound strategy that will put you in a position to have a winning combination after the draw, every time. So as you can see, there are a lot of ways to go!