Gambling In Amsterdam - Are There Any Good Casinos?

You may have decided to take a trip of a lifetime and book a package trip to Europe. Should that be the case and amongst your itinerary you are going to Holland, you will no doubt be staying over in the lively city of Amsterdam. That being the case you may be wondering is there any gambling in Amsterdam?

If you have been to Amsterdam before, you will most likely know the answer to that question, however if this is your first time, and you like hitting the casinos when you are away on your break, you will be pleased to hear their most certainly gambling in Amsterdam.

Unfortunately most of these places are normally fairly run down and dark dingy rooms that are stuffed to the rafters, with low grade slot machines with poor pay outs. They are free to get in and are usually frequented with the average Joe blowing their wage packet hoping to hit it big. Listen, if you are on a bachelor night, where you've come abroad with your friends for four days like a lot do, this may be one of the places to stop by on your way to the Red Light District. Of course if you have already been out earlier and sampled some of the establishments where drugs are freely sold over the counter, you might just find the pull of the bright lights simply too much to resist anyway. But be warned!

If you are looking for proper gambling in Amsterdam, like you have come to expect in Atlantic City or Vegas, you choice is strictly limited to the nationally run Holland Casino chain. These casinos are run in most of the larger cities, and the one in Amsterdam, is simply elegant.

No doubt you will have a canal trip booked, which is highly recommended as there's lots to see. Forty minutes into the hour trip you will actually sail right past the casino. To actually locate it, use your map and head toward Leiderseplein. When you reach it, ask someone for 'Max Eawe Square' or 'Max Euweplein' in Dutch, and you'll find it just a short walk away. Three euros will get you in, just make sure you have your passport and you're all set for your fun night out, Geniet van uw avond!