Amsterdam Poker

Welcome the 2014 MCOP Poker Tournament!

It's 2014, and the Master Classics of Video PokerTournament also known as the MCOP Tournament is going to have its inauguration and grand kick off that will signal its start on the 21st of November, Friday. This grand event and tournament assures to be an exemplary event which will surely give you an immersing and one-of-a-kind experience online casinos that you will surely love. Also, due to public demand, the €1,500 event/tournament is going to last for three days once again, as requested countless times from the community of players of the game. There's also an additional feature, €200 bounty tournament, which you should definitely look out for.

Also, last August, Jorryt Van Hoof's ambassadorship for the MCOP was legitimized. He will also be playing on November 21-29 on Amsterdam, Holland Casino. Also, being the ambassador for the MCOP, he will also be responsible for advertising it both at his home and abroad.

Be reminded as well and mark your calendars as the day and schedule for the MCOP was changed to November 21 to 29. This also marks the consecutive two years where a representative from the Netherlands has conquered and made his way to the main event. Preceding Michiel Brummelhuis', it will be up to Jorryt to show and give his best on the following matches. This only shows that Amsterdam Markets is definitely a city where the fun will definitely be achieved especially if you want to experience it through the game of poker.