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Expect solid gaming experience as Holland Casino makes Playtech deal

Holland Casino Forges Partnership with Playtech

Because of legislation being currently pushed in the parliament, online gambling is expected to be legalized in The Netherlands by 2015. The parliament is now tackling the legislative proposals that will open the Dutch market to online casinos and the rules that will govern such doings.

Presently, the 14 casinos throughout The Netherlands is managed by the state-owned Holland Casino. The profits are then collected by the Dutch Treasury. With the new legislation, the Dutch market and Amsterdam Marketswill be open to online casino operators. Online gambling will include games such as lotteries, bingo and poker. Sports betting will also be accessible to the Dutch people. Right now, the number of players playing in unregistered online casinos is placed at a huge figure of more than 200,000. In this regard, the state is expected to grant 5 licenses.

As part of the preparation for legalizing gambling, Holland Casino formed a partnership with gaming giant Playtech. This milestone deal will see Playtech developing a whole new range of gaming products for gambling operators. It will also make play-for-points games as part of its marketing strategy and in order to build its player base.

Playtech is an industry leader in online gaming sport. It has a proven track record and is a reputable company that has global credentials. Its deal with Holland casino pokerwill help build the main framework for a duly compliant and regulated online gambling market. Playtech will ensure that, within its jurisdictions, all licensing requirements are met.

Online casino operators who have forged a deal with Playtech can expect to have a fully integrated managing system that has a wide-ranging and all-inclusive solution of embedded softwares and a system that regulates to ensure players enjoy a fair-play policy.